5 Reasons Why People Love to Travel

1) To Explore a New Place : While not all of us can be Columbus, the spirit to travel the world and explore new places exist within all of us. If you are live in a city, countryside excites you, if you live in a small town, the fast paced life of a city brings you excitement. From the picturesque Himalayas and Alps, to the wonders of the world, there are too many places in the world that would steal your heart away and which would you like to experience for yourself.


2) To Run From Boredom/Relax :  This is one of the major reason why people travel – to take a “break”. This is true for those people who often have a stressful life, working a 9-to-6 shift at office or can barely find out time for themselves. Going on a trip to a far away land not only breaks the monotonocity of life, it can also provide you with time for your own self. Working in a corporate setup, I have found that it is not just me, but a lot of people around me travel because they feel that they “need a break”. Travelling helps them refresh themselves and de-stress. For couples, travelling often means a romantic getaway which helps make their relationship stronger.


3) Experiencing a New Culture – This is another reason why many people love to travel. Getting to know another culture, its beliefs and traditions can be quite educating and at times humbling. Many people often travel to a different place or country to get to know different cultures. At times they even spend many days there to learn more about the culture. Many travellers from the West coming to India spend months in India to learn about the culture and traditions.


4) For the local cuisine : For many people, especially the food buffs, food is a great motivator to travel. Each place is often also associated with food – like Switzerland for its chocolate, Italy for its cheese, India for its spices. Travelling gives a chance to experience a variety of finger licking food to suit your taste buds. It is often the kind of food you will never find at the place you live, no matter how good a restaurant you go to in your own city.


5) Adventure : Travelling in itself is a bit of adventure, but for the truly adventurous, it can mean going on treks in forests, climbing mountains, safaris in forests, or a bike trip across countries. The options are limitless, and the adrenaline rush it brings to you is priceless.

So what is your reason to travel?

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh is the Founding Editor of Gaylaxy magazine which is India’s largest English language LGBT magazine. He grew up in Kolkata, in a Sikh family and in a liberal atmosphere. While studying in college he launched Gaylaxy magazine in 2010, which is now also available as an App. His message to the world is: “Treat everyone equally, with love and dignity.”

Tipps für einen Gay-Städteurlaub in Budapest

Zugegeben: Budapest ist nicht das erste Reiseziel, dass einem zu einer schwulen Städtereise in den Sinn kommt. Das politische Klima unter der national-konservativen Regierung Viktor Orbán ist nicht gerade durch Freundlichkeit gegenüber Homosexuellen bekannt. So war Ungarn eines der ersten EU-Mitgliedsländer, in welchen Parteien, die einen europakritischen, antiliberalen und nationalistischen Kurs propagieren, Erfolge sammelten – eine Entwicklung, die mittlerweile auch in anderen europäischen Ländern inklusive Deutschland, längst zum Alltag gehört. Somit hatte ich durchaus ein mulmiges Gefühl im Magen, als wir mit den Auto die ungarische Grenze überquerten.

In der ungarischen Hauptstadt Budapest wollten wir nämlich unsere Freunde besuchen, die wir im Urlaub auf Gran Canaria kennengelernt hatten. Das mulmige Gefühl im Bauch löste sich nach dem freundlichen Empfang jedoch schnell wieder in Luft auf. Zu unserer großen Überraschung hat Budapest für schwule Urlauber nämlich eine ganze Menge zu bieten. Nachdem wir an den ersten beiden Tagen unseres Städtetrips die bekannten Sehenswürdigkeiten wie das Parlamentsgebäude, die Matthiaskirche, die Fischerbastei, die Kettenbrücke, den Burgpalast und die Margareteninsel besichtigt hatten, stürzten wir uns an den folgenden Tagen in die Budapester Gay-Szene. Die Stadt bietet eine abwechslungsreiche Auswahl an Gay- und Lesben-Bars, Clubs und Schwulensaunas. Und auch in den berühmten Budapester Bädern kann Mann nette Bekanntschaften schließen.


Gay-Clubs, Bars und Saunen in Budapest

Das Király-Bad zählt zu den ursprünglichen Bädern in Budapest, in denen überwiegend Einheimische und kaum Touristen verkehren. Früher war das Király-Bad ein reines Herrenbad – und einer der beliebtesten Cruising-Spots in Budapest. Mittlerweile ist das Publikum gemischt, trotzdem ist es dort noch immer ziemlich einfach, schwule oder bisexuelle Männer kennenzulernen. Wer eine reine Gaysauna zum Entspannen vorzieht, ist in der Magnum-Sauna und der Szauna 69 an der richtigen Adresse. Beide Gaysaunen sind sauber und unterscheiden sich in puncto Einrichtung nicht von jenen Saunen in anderen europäischen Städten: Es gibt Whirlpools, Bars, Duschen, Darkrooms und alles, was das schwule Männerherz begehrt.


Mit “Garçons”, “Hello”, “!Tape”, “Brutkó Diszkó”, “Garage”, “Confetti” und “Liberty” gibt es gleich eine ganze Reihe von Gay-Partys in Budapest. Schwulenfreundliche Bars in Budapest sind u.a das „Why not“ (http://www.whynotcafe.hu/) oder das Habroló Bisztró (http://www.habrolo.hu/). Und wie es sich für eine europäische Großstadt gehört, bietet Budapest natürlich auch ein fantastisches Shopping-Angebot. Das Einkaufen in den unzähligen Geschäften und Kaufhäusern ist das reine Vergnügen. Die Markthalle Központi Vasarcsarnok, das MOM-Park Einkaufszentrum und natürlich die bekannte Einkaufsstraße “Vaci utca” sind einen Besuch wert. Von stylischen Boutiquen bis zu hervorragenden Restaurants findet man dort einfach alles, was man zu Geldausgeben braucht!

Und für Kulturliebhaber bietet Budapest eine schier endlose Anzahl an Museen, Theatern und Konzerthallen. Es spielt also gar keine Rolle, ob Du Party machen, Kultur genießen oder Sexpartner findest möchtest: In Budapest ist für jeden schwulen Mann genau das Richtige dabei!


Mario runs the travel blog beingboring.de. It originally started as a music blog, the blog is named after its favorite song by the gay pop duo Pet Shop Boys. Meanwhile, Mario reports on his blog mainly about travel, which he undertakes together with his partner. He writes about gay-friendly hotels, vacation packages, city breaks and cruises from a gay point of view and gives tips for interesting clubs, bars and cruising areas on site.

Mario betreibt das Reiseblog beingboring.de. Ursprünglich als Musikblog gestartet, ist das Blog nach seinem Lieblingslied des schwulen Popduos Pet Shop Boys benannt. Mittlerweile berichtet Mario auf seinem Blog hauptsächlich über Reisen, die er gemeinsam mit seinem Partner unternimmt. Dabei schreibt er über schwulenfreundliche Hotels, Pauschalreisen, Städtereisen und Kreuzfahrten aus einem schwulen Blickwinkel und gibt Tipps für interessante Clubs, Bars und Cruising Areas vor Ort.

What’s Best – Traveling Solo or in Group ?

Traveling is a stress buster. It is also a good way to get to know different cultures, people and food. I often go on short trips to different parts of India whenever I am too stressed out of the fast paced city life. It not only bring you relief, but also acts as a reminder of how diverse and wonderful the world and human race is. But when it comes to exploring an unknown place, should you be doing it alone, or is the company of friends a better option?

There is no straight (pun intended) answer to this question. Many people prefer traveling in groups, while some like me prefer to go solo. Traveling to a far away land can be intimidating for some, plus being alone at an unfamiliar place can be boring as well. That is why many people prefer to travel with friends or family in larger groups. It also gives you more bargaining power with the travel companies, and a bigger group can bring down your travel cost as well. It also gives you a sense of security. Additionally, if you are traveling to some remote place or hill station where hiring a vehicle is the only way to travel around, being in a larger group really brings down the individual price for the trip as the cost gets divided amongst the members.

However, if you are someone who enjoys solitude and the thrill of being in an unknown place all alone by himself/herself, solo travel is the thing for you. When you are traveling solo, your survival instincts kick in. You no longer have the luxury of someone else taking care of your needs. You actually talk to the local people and get to explore the local culture because that is the only option for you to find out about things. When you are traveling in a group, you often restrict yourself to your guide, or remain confined among your group.

I have traveled to some of the remotest parts of India alone, with little knowledge of the language that is spoken there, and have been helped by the locals in various ways, be it with directions or getting accommodation, or with transport, and bowled over by their hospitality. I have hopped on to local taxi or buses, been helped by strangers when I got stranded, and made friends with a lot of them as well. These are experiences that you will often miss out when you are traveling in a group.

Me at Hampi in Karnataka
Me at Hampi in Karnataka

So how you should travel depends a lot on the kind of person you are and the kind of adventures that you are seeking. But even if you have always traveled with friends, solo travel is something you must explore, at least once in your lifetime.

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh is the Founding Editor of Gaylaxy magazine which is India’s largest English language LGBT magazine. He grew up in Kolkata, in a Sikh family and in a liberal atmosphere. While studying in college he launched Gaylaxy magazine in 2010, which is now also available as an App. His message to the world is: “Treat everyone equally, with love and dignity.”