Lisbon with Miguel, local Gaybassador

Hey Miguel, you’re Gaybassador for Lisbon. Tell us a bit more about you. 

Well, let me see! 🙂 I am living in Lisbon for 4 years now, I am 38 years of age and I am a happy guy. For the last 6 years I have been working in a gay bear bar, wich I appreciate a lot, and have been connecting with people from all over the world. For me, meeting new people is one of the most exciting experiences, to know their culture and to have the pleasure of showing mine. By the way, I am a party guy as well… having fun is a big part of who I am. Life can’t be taken so serious, we only live once!

Why do you love your city that much ?

Even though I wasn’t born in Lisbon I’ve adopted the city as if I am native. Lisbon is one of a kind, i’m sure nobody can relate this city to another place in the world. Maybe is it’s unique light, or it’s relaxing feeling and good vibe or maybe it’s traditions and history. Lisbon has so many different sides to it self. So, when all this ingredients combine, you have the most amazing city at your hand. Despite what you can see and feel, there’s the taste of the Portuguese Cuisine, wich is the best you will ever put in your mouth. 🙂 A taste to remember for life.

Wich are the 4 main spots you like to show to gay travellers ? 

It’s difficult to choose only 4 main spots to show to the travellers, because Lisbon is full of many places wich are so important or charismatic and that represent the city in it’s own way. But anyhow, I chose an itenerary that shows a bit of the city as i like to see it.

The first spot will be from Príncipe Real Park to San Pedro de Alcântara Viewpoint and through Bairro Alto.

The second spot I will take the travellers to Santa Catarina Viewpoint to have a different prespective of the city and then to Camões Square and Chiado.

The third spot will start at Rossio Square and through downtown, where you can find almost everything you need or want, until we reach the Commerce Square, wich is breath-taking.

The fourth spot will be a walk along the Tagus riverside for a relaxing feeling and ending at Time Out Market, a food quarter, for an energy refill. We will need it, heheheh.

What about Lisbon’s gay local life ? 

Although Lisbon is not a huge city there is a gay scene happening here. In Portugal gay marriage is allowed since 2010 and that says a little bit about it. It’s safe and relaxed to be who you are and that makes life flow easily. The portuguese people are very welcoming, they can make you feel at home.

There is a neighborhood called Príncipe Real where you can find most of the gay bars and clubs, although some other bars are at Bairro Alto as well. Nightlife starts a bit late, the bars are open but people only come around 11pm more or less and the clubs are open until 6am, so bare that in mind if you want to go out and have some fun.

Your 4 favourite places?

The riverside at Cais da Ribeira – The perfect place to be when you want to relax, have a drink, go for a walk or just be there listen to some music by your own. It’s a place where you can do what suites you better.

Santa Catarina Viewpoint – The view over the river Tagus is outstanding. On a sunny day you can be here enjoying the the view, having a coffee, as we portuguese people love to do, taking some great pictures and feel the vibe of the city, always being watched by “Adamastor”, one of the beasts of an epic poetic portuguese book written by Luiz de Camões.

The beach at Costa da Caparica – I was born in a small city wich is surrounded by sea, so i’m very keen on beach. There are a lot of beaches around Lisbon but this one has something different to offer. It has several kilometers of yellow and white sand  and one of it’s parts is a gay beach (Beach 19). You can choose if you want to be dressed up for the occasion or simply be around naked. It’s fun.

Bairro Alto – This is the most searched neighborhood for going out and have a drink, for having dinner in one of the several kinds of restaurants you can find, from portuguese food to thai food. It’s a very mixed place. A lot of cultures in the same quarter.

My restaurants 

Casa da Índia – Very typical portuguese restaurant, like in the old times. You will have the best roasted chicken you will ever try, besides the other amazing food they have. From meat to sea food. They have take-away service as well.

Decadent – A great place to be, with a young vibe and a fusion cuisine of the traditional meeting the modern. You will taste portuguese cuisine like you have never tasted before.

 My bars and gay venues 

3 Bar – The place for the bears and friends. The bar I work in 🙂

Bairro Alto – Barroca street, where you can find all gay people around in the street having some drinks and walking up and down.


GayGuide Tipps für deinen nächsten Trip nach Amsterdam

Meine absolute Lieblingsstadt, in der ich mich noch wohler fühle als in Berlin, ist Amsterdam. Das dürfte vor allem daran liegen, dass sich die Niederlande zum tolerantesten Land der Welt entwickelte.

Die Toleranz der Niederländer gegenüber LGBTs ist verwurzelt in ihrer Geschichte. Bereits im Jahr 1811 wurden „homosexuelle Handlungen“ per Gesetz entkriminalisiert. Nicht nur, dass in Amsterdam 1987 mit dem “Homomonument” das weltweit erste Denkmal enthüllt wurde, welches an Menschen erinnert, die aufgrund ihrer sexuellen Orientierung verfolgt und unterdrückt worden sind/ werden.
Darüber hinaus sind die Niederlande das erste Land auf der Welt, das die gleichgeschlechtliche Ehe ermöglicht: seit dem 1. April 2001.

Und noch etwas macht die Niederlande einzigartig: die Amsterdam Gay Pride ist die weltweit einzige Gay Pride, die nicht auf der Straße, sondern mit ca. 80 Booten auf den Grachten stattfindet. Die „Canal Pride“, jedes Jahr am ersten Wochenende im August, ist ohne Zweifel ein internationales Highlight für die Community. Klar, es ist ein Must-do, dass du auf keinen Fall verpassen solltest.

Aber auch tausende niederländische Familien nehmen an der Canal Pride teil, um für die Rechte von LGBTs zu demonstrieren und dabei einfach nur Spaß zu haben. Nirgendwo anders als in Amsterdam gibt es so viele coole Familienpapas, die zu einer Gay Pride extra ein rosa Hemd tragen – so süß. 😉

In Amsterdam hat die Gay Community Tradition; 1927 eröffnete die erste offizielle Bar für Schwule. Heute findet ihr mit der Reguliersdwarsstraat, dem Amstel, der Warmoesstraat und der Kerkstraat gleich VIER Hotspots im Zentrum mit unzähligen Bars, Shops, Restaurants, Clubs, Cruising Bars/ Clubs, Saunen und Parties für Gays.

Meine persönlichen Favoriten/ Tipps:

#ClubChurch – Amsterdams erster Cruise Club
#ClubNYX – willkommen sind Gays und Straights, und jede_r dazwischen
#SaunaNieuwezijds – die neue stylische Sauna im Zentrum

And where to stay? – Meine Lieblingsunterkünfte für einen Tripp nach Amsterdam:

#Valentino‘s in Oud West – CAVA1-1
#Renate‘s 1 room apartment in Amsterdam City Center – WERE1-1
#Marc‘s Private Room in Amsterdam City Center – JOMA1-2

Wer es zum Koningsdag am 27. April leider nicht mehr geschafft hat, den sehe ich zur Amsterdam Canal Pride vom 4.-6. August 2017!