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ebab - enjoy bed & breakfast - is the world's leading agency for private and commerical accommodations in the gay community.

Goals | Our Vision

Our goal is to bring people together. A global network of accommodations for gays, lesbians and their friends is the basis for an intercultural communication. With our work and commitment, we want to postulate and promote tolerance, acceptance and self-fulfillment.

The Task | Our Motivation

We have taken the task upon ourselves to provide affordable accommodations of suitable quality and in a safe environment to people of any age and from any nation.

Quality | Our Standards

The quality of our offer sets standards. With our understanding of reliable service and high-quality products as well as our customers' requirements, quality improvement is a continuous process.

Expertise | Our Advantage

We can look back on years of experience with competent partners and their suitable accommodations. For us it goes without saying that all customers are advised individually and personally. Carefully selected competent partners help us to realize our company's goals.

The Staff | Our Potential

Our staff does not only support our know-how, it also actively contributes to its continuous development as the entire team is included in decision-making processes and shares the responsibility for our work. Our staff is always eager to learn new things, leading to exceptionally high standards of performance. Their friendliness and dedication in day-to-day work are what make us so successful.

Hosts | Our Preconditions

We see our hosts as partners sharing our quality and reliability standards. Together we are responsible for maintaining and improving our competitive ability.

Customers | Our Guidelines

As our customers' trusted partner we build long-term relationships. Therefore, we believe in treating each other in an open, fair and respectful way - people are at the heart of our business.

Environmental and Social Issues | Our Responsibility

As our customers' trusted partner we build long-term relationships. Therefore, we believe in treating each other in an open, fair and respectful way - people are at the heart of our business.

Our customers are entitled to reliable and customer-oriented services. To live up to our standards of quality and our customers various expectations, one of ebab's earliest main goals was optimising its quality of service.<br />From the start in 1996, a quality management system was integrated into the company.

Quality in our agency work

For us as service providers, quality management means analysing our working systems constantly, thus creating a continuous improvement process. It is extremely important to us that our customers' requirements are respected in this process.

Quality of our accommodation offers accommodations all over the world. The differences in individual countries styles and standards of home furnishing become particularly apparent here. This especially applies to our private accommodation.

These differences typical of the individual countries make comparing different properties quite difficult. Because of this, we have developed regional entry standards based on the following criteria: accommodation size, price, location and amenities. Hereby we want to ensure that all our accommodation provides good quality consistently. Furthermore, we believe in long-term relationships with our future hosts and enter into a detailed contract with each of them. In addition to this, we have different quality rankings depending on the accommodation's cost-effectiveness which is mostly assessed with quality control tests.
In the case of non-private accommodation, we also adhere to internationally accepted guidelines as well as to our own quality standards.

Guest-rankings from guests who have previously booked the accommodation in question provide you with further information on our accommodation's quality.
We are delighted to have so much good and very good quality accommodation on offer. Our guests confirm this regularly via our ranking system!

Contacting the quality assurance section

If you have any ideas, suggestions or requests to improve our website and our offer, we'd be happy to receive your e-mail at:

Quality ranking of our offers:

You can see immediately how our offers rank by looking at the three green bars in the accommodation description.

We believe that in the future, only corporate concepts equally respectful of social, ecological and economic aspects will be viable in the long run.

This is why we as a company feel we have a special responsibility towards our customers, the lesbian-gay community, society as a whole as well as towards our planet.

ebab consequently is committed to meeting its responsibilities as best possible in many different ways. In doing so, we want to contribute to a juster society and a more sustainable use of natural resources. Each and every one of our customers supports us in this endeavour with their confidence!


Here are some concrete details on what sustainable corporate management really means to ebab :

Renewable Energy

In 2007, we changed our company's energy sources to 100% renewable sources because we believe that a little sunshine makes life much easier!

Energy Efficiency

Using electronic devices is an indispensable part of our job. Here, we also remain true to our principle of protecting resources. Energy-efficient technologies play a very important role in this context, as do energy-saving lighting and avoiding leaving electronic devices in standby-mode.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

As from the beginning of 2009, in order to neutralise CO2-emissions produced by business trips and company car use, we have become involved in climate protection projects. Those we support are UN-accredited CDM Gold Standard projects. Our guiding principle is: Avoid CO2-emissions, reduce the remaining emissions as much as possible and make up for what cannot be avoided!

Environment-friendly Office Supplies

Having as environment-friendly office supplies as possible is very important to us. This applies to furnishings as much as to consumable items. We value maximum recycling rates and refrain from using pollutant materials whenever possible. Furthermore, we attach great importance to our sources of supply and routes of transport.

Waste Avoidance

Among other things we strive to optimise our software in order to reduce the amount of paper we use. We also carry out most of our business correspondence via e-mail and contribute to waste avoidance in smaller ways, too, e.g. using misprints as scrap paper.


Whenever possible, we recycle our waste as this protects resources effectively and consistently.

Are you interested in working for

Please, first briefly make yourself familiar with our application procedure.

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply for a job at ebab, please look up the respective job under -job vacancies-. This is also where you will find the requirements the applicant in question must meet with regard to the vacancy.

As a matter of principle, all applicants must have a good or very good command of English and be fluent in spoken and written English (and ideally in a further foreign language). Furthermore, we expect good communication skills, the ability to work in a team and a pleasant telephone voice.

Does this, as well as the requirements outlined in the job description, apply to you? Then send us your application!

We always require a complete application with a cover letter, CV and photo. This includes certificates confirming foreign language skills, job references/ school certificates, professional training certificates, etc. The more detailed your description of yourself and the more relevant information you add to your application, the bigger your chances will be of being employed at ebab. This way, we can judge better whether you are suitable for the vacancy in question.

You can either apply via e-mail to (please attach your documents as pdf files in an enclosure), or you can send your application to:

ebab UG
Bülowstraße 106
10783 Berlin - Germany

As soon as we have received your application, we will send you an acknowledgement of receipt via e-mail. We will call you to inform you about the further proceedings of the selection process in due course.

Speculative Application

As a matter of principle, vacancies are advertised under job vacancies. However, if you should happen to send us an application of your own accord without a particular job being advertised, we will only consider your application if you have enclosed a stamped addressed envelope or if you send us your application via e-mail! When possible, your application will then be considered in the next application procedure.


As a rule, at the beginning of the year, we employ temporary student assistants for our customer service in Berlin. Speculative applications are welcome! For important information on speculative applications and application procedures, see on: How do I apply?

Job vacancies

Currently no vacancies are advertised!

Apprenticeships at!

We make sure that beds become a real holiday experience! And what can you become?

We offer the following apprenticeship: management assistant in office communication.

Management assistants in office communication generally carry out internal secretarial as well as assistance work and are in charge of commercial and administrative tasks in specific areas.

At ebab this means you receive professional training in an internationally active company. You will gain an insight into all areas important to the company, enjoying working days full of variety with administrative work and direct customer contact.

The apprenticeship lasts three years and takes place in our company headquarters in Berlin. It includes regular classes at the Berufsschule (Training College), training projects within the company and loads of fun within the ebab team.

Beginning of the Apprenticeship: September

Application Period: January/ February

Preconditions and Application: School leaving qualifications equivalent to GCSE/high school diploma! For further information see: How do I apply?

Please note: We recommend doing a six month paid work placement in our company before starting your apprenticeship. This not only increases your chances of obtaining an apprenticeship position, it can also be deducted from the apprenticeship's normal duration!

If you have any further questions concerning our apprenticeships, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

Here, journalists can find all important information to our company:

Contact Person for Journalists

ebab UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Tel.: 030 236 236 0
Fax: 030 236 236 19

Press distribution list

ebab is constantly evolving. We are happy to keep you posted with our press distribution list so that you don't miss out on anything. To receive up-to-date information from the ebab world on a regular basis, all you have to do is subscribe to our press releases. You can use the information given without any editorial restrictions.

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Ordering images

Journalists can order high-definition images all about the ebab world for their editorial work directly from us. All you have to do is write to us stating what kind of image you would like and how you intend to use it at:


Please send your advertisement requests stating the media data directly to our marketing section:


ebab UG
Bülowstraße 106
10783 Berlin - Germany