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Travel businesses seemed indestructible until the pandemic, almost two years ago now. Luckily, things are slowly going back to normal, which is a perfect way for travel influencers to get back into the game. Therefore, if you’re thinking about changing a career, or you’re an influencer who wants to take a different path, it’s important to know how to do it the right way. Here are some tips that will help you succeed in the travel business as a blogger or influencer.

Invest in good visuals 

When it comes to traveling, the visual aspect matters the most. So, as a travel influencer/blogger it’s your job to create a visual presentation that will entice people to visit that exact same place. Therefore, hire a professional photographer, who’ll be able to create stunning images for your website and all social media profiles. Also, in order to boost the appeal of your content, consider using a professional online video intro maker that will make everything look exciting and presentable in a short form. Good visuals matter more than the articles/captions, especially when it comes to traveling. People want to see gorgeous beaches, luxury rooms, and exquisite services that you’re experiencing, so make sure to capitalize on that. 

Know your audience

If you’re just starting out in the world of travel blogging/influencing, then it’s important to know your audience. College-aged people are most likely less affluent, so in that case, it would be better to advertise co-working spaces in Bali, rather than luxury hotels in Paris. 

On the other hand, if your audience is mostly comprised of middle-aged professionals who earn well, then you’ll have more room to accept different gigs and advertise more expensive brands, hotels, restaurants, or products. 

Be transparent and honest with your followers

Sure, using some filters and facetuning your body is the norm in the world of social media. But, when it comes to advertising a hotel, or a resort, it’s important to be transparent with your followers, so they’ll know what to expect if they ever decide to make a reservation. If there’s no sauna, then be sure to mention that, especially if you get asked about it. Honesty and integrity play a huge role because they paint you in a good light. Plus, make sure to be genuine, consistent, and patient, especially when it comes to growing your authentic following. Buying followers might seem like a nifty idea, but that might backfire, so rather than obsessing over numbers, try to be happy and embrace the role of a micro-influencer as that might be a great career path for you.

Be professional and well-behaved

Some travel influencers get a bad rep because they expect everything for free. Of course, that is possible to achieve, but before that, you should invest time and effort to create a personal brand that the businesses will want to work with. In that case, a killer media kit speaks volumes about you. Also, begging for freebies, such as free stay or extra services isn’t the best idea: many travel businesses have it hard as it is, so always remember to be kind and considerate. Getting things for free is amazing, but you shouldn’t rely on that only, especially if you’re new in the world of influencing. Professionalism speaks a thousand languages, so be sure to behave and be polite at all times.

Work when you feel motivated and energized

Flying long distances can be stressful and tiring, often resulting in jet lags. So, it’s important to remain focused and energized while traveling. Also, once you arrive, make sure to get some rest first, because working when tired can only yield sub-par results. So rather than doing things just because you have to, give yourself a few hours off to relax and regain your energy. 


The world of influencing might seem saturated, but if you’re unique and create engaging content, you’ll have a chance of making it big. Travel bloggers and influencers do live exciting lives, so if you’re toying with the idea of becoming one, then these tips will help you achieve that, as long as you’re focused, professional and hard-working. 

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