How to Date as a World Traveler

Dating can be pretty complicated, even when you date someone from your city or state. So what about dating as a traveler who always moves around and can’t seem to settle down? Do you think dating as a world traveler is possible without heartbreak? Well, let’s check out a few things about dating as a traveler so you can come up with a verdict yourself: 

Don’t make promises

The first thing about dating as a traveler is to be honest and don’t make false promises. Try not to lie about your intentions, like being committed to dating someone long-term when you’re actually staying for just a month. Be a good traveler and practice honesty with yourself and others—it’s not nice to be hurt. If you decide to lie and deceive, it will come to bite you in the behind eventually, so try to be honest with your intentions. 

Have a goal in mind

If you decide to do long-distance with someone you really like, just know that you’re going to struggle greatly. Long-distance can break people’s hearts, but it can work if you have a goal in mind. If you’re traveling the world indefinitely and have no intentions of stopping to settle down, you can expect to have a lot of conflict with your significant other. It’s hard to stay in a relationship that doesn’t have a moment in time in sight when you can be together. When dating a world traveler, don’t try to force him to stay with you, and if you’re dating a homebody as a traveler, don’t try to force them to leave everything behind and go with you—it’s not going to work out. 

Understand the other side

Just to clear up the previous statement, it’s simply a fact that not everyone is born to be a traveler. Firstly, not everyone can afford it, and secondly, not everyone wants this kind of lifestyle. All life choices should be respected and there’s no point forcing someone you like to follow you and be unhappy about it. If a person you’ve been dating for a while doesn’t want to travel with you at all or wants to go back home, don’t get mad. Pick a path and walk it proudly. 

Try apps

Dating apps can be your best friend in dating as a traveler. While you might want to wait until you meet your next crush in a local taqueria or on an overnight flight, the chances are you’re just going to waste a lot of time waiting. Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, etc., are all great apps for meeting people, but you can go outside the box for this one. One of the best dating apps for travelers is a sugar dating app where future partners can offer amazing company and help you finance your trips. This can be an amazing relationship that benefits both parties perfectly, full of honesty and convenience, so all open-minded female travelers should give sugar dating a shot. 

Don’t be sad it’s over

When you as a traveler, your life consists of many amazing movies, each one representing a destination or an adventure. Some of these movies will be romantic comedies and some with be heartbreak dramas. However, embrace the good and the bad and accept the nothing lasts forever with you and your thirst for travel. The best thing you can do as a traveler looking to date is to be yourself, enjoy life and keep moving forward once the romance ends. 

Enjoy the little moments

Exploring the iconic wonders of the world and beating many challenges on the road are all important moments in your traveler life, but it’s also essential to enjoy the little moments. For instance, watching a sunset with a new person you met, waking up with someone for the first time or spending a night talking to a love interest by the ocean—these moments make all the struggles worth it. Don’t let your fear of commitment prevent you from enjoying the precious little things with great potential. 

Dating as a traveler is tricky, not going to lie, but it’s possible. As long as you’re honest with your intentions and realistic with your expectations, you will definitely come across someone who’s happy to travel with you or wait for you until you accomplish your goals. 

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