How to Eat a Healthy Diet when Traveling

If you’re on a strict diet for your fitness or health, or if you just want to look hot for all the pretty beach boys on your travels, it’s necessary to continue eating healthy when you’re on the road. However, many times, this is easier said than done, especially with all the new exotic foods and tasty cocktails. So how can you maintain a healthy diet while also having plenty of fun on your trip? Here are a few tips to keep in mind: 

Try to cook

You don’t have to cook every meal yourself, but you also don’t have to eat out three times a day. Eating at a restaurant or street food stall for every meal will show itself on the scale for sure, because those meals are almost certainly more caloric than what you make at home. If you’re staying somewhere with a kitchen, you can easily whip up morning oats or eggs and fix a fresh salad for lunch and keep your summer physique. By all means, try as many local foods as you can because traveling is always made more fun with tasting new meals. But if you keep it light throughout the day, you can enjoy a beautiful meal outside and not watch for calories. 

Eat your breakfast

Many people choose to skip breakfast when they are on the road because they are too busy or they sleep too long in the morning. However, skipping breakfast will result in plenty of fatigue and a crabby mood that can push you to make bad dietary choices. On the other hand, if you start your day with a light portion of protein and nutrients, you’ll feel full until lunch and opt for a nice afternoon salad instead of a double burger. No time to eat breakfast? Well, pack your favorite protein powder and whip up a serving in the morning. A protein powder shake will keep you full and energized for very few calories. 

Beware of buffets

If you have a buffet-type serving on your trip, be careful with your portions because it’s so easy to overeat when you’re facing a huge variety of things. To prevent overeating and endangering your stomach health, grab a plate, make one circle around the buffet, find three things you like and go for them only. Make sure to fill 50% of your plate with veggies (or fruit for breakfast), 25% with protein and 25% with whole-grain carbs. And it might be tempting to go back for seconds, but just wait a few minutes and you’ll notice that you’re not hungry anymore at all—it takes your brain a few minutes to catch up with your stomach. 

Snack smartly

If you’re a pretty active guy and love to go on many adventures during your trips, you’ll burn plenty of calories. In that case, always have a healthy snack in your bag to fuel your body properly. For instance, instead of reaching for a chocolate bar you can get at a local store, grab your homemade trail mix. A mix of fresh fruits and veggies is also a great snack idea, but you can also pack a few strips of jerky or a light peanut butter sandwich. When you have snacks with you, it will be much easier to resist grabbing fast food and stay fit

Drink plenty of water

You might be drinking fresh juice and tasty cocktails the entire day, but that’s not a substitute for water. Your body will be craving H2O and it’s very easy to confuse the triggers for thirst with triggers for hunger. Therefore, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, especially if you’re being active on your trip. For every cocktail, drink at least a glass of water to balance things out. You’ll be less hungry, less drunk and remove any unnecessary food and drink cravings. 

There you have it, easy tips that will ensure you don’t gain too much weight on your travels. And if you do, it will mostly be some water weight and constipation that you’ll shed in no time when you get back home. Have fun on your trip, meet plenty of people, stay active, and you won’t even have time to overeat!