„Ich bin ein Berliner“: Berlin gay city tips

This above mentioned quotation, spoken out by U.S. President John F. Kennedy in June 1961 and well-known all over the world, really figures out Berlin‘s unbelievable charisma.

My own love story with Berlin has began in 2008, since I moved here. As it‘s called Germany‘s gay capital, even the gay capital of Europe, belonging to the country´s biggest gay community makes me a bit proud.
Both in the 1920s and nowadays Berlin‘s gay scene is characterized by freedom, adventure and emanzipation.

One important reason for that is the city´s multicultural society, which also has emphasized this very diverse, lively and colorful gay scene. People from all over the world come here to find the perfect place to fulfil oneself. Berlin is gaining in popularity as one of the world´s most tolerant and open-minded (gay) hot spots.
Although there are no restricted gay districts the most popular gaybourhood can be found in Schöneberg, where also ebab‘s main office is located. However, cool gay locations are spread all over the city. In addition to Schöneberg, you can dance, celebrate, love and cruise as well in Prenzlauer Berg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln and Kreuzberg at any time.

My top 3 gay locations in Berlin which shouldn‘t be missed:

#TheBoiler – Berlin‘s best known gay sauna with a both steamy and relaxed atmosphere.
#Schwuz – the gayest party location offered in Berlin, with a very long tradition.
#MonGay – Each Monday an LGBTIQ movie is played in the Kino International, the most famous cinema of the former GDR (next to Alexanderplatz).

Besides its high number of gay locations all over the city, Berlin is a hot spot where so many popular events for the gay community are held. Learn more about Berlin‘s gay pride ‚Christopher Street Day‘ (CSD), Folsom Europe, the Stadtfest and more in one of my next posts.
Until then enjoy your next bed and breakfast in one of our Berlin accommodations, available on ebab.com.

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