5 Best LGBTQ Honeymoon Destinations in 2021

The concept of traveling and enjoying your honeymoon has changed drastically in 2020, and it’s safe to say that 2021 won’t be too different. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time on your honeymoon. On the contrary, if you find the perfect LGBTQ-friendly destination, you’ll surely end up having the time of your life. So, here are five places you should definitely consider when planning your honeymoon.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve already been to Italy before or not – visiting this amazing place is one of the best things you’ll ever do in life! Planning a great LGBT honeymoon in Italy sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually easier than you can imagine, as long as you know what to do and what to expect.

Start by booking your plane tickets and finding accommodation a few months in advance – this will help you save some money and make your life a lot easier. Also, make sure you’ve packed everything you’ll need when traveling around Italy and try to remain as stylish as possible. Finally, invest some time into learning more about Italy and making a list of places you’re going to visit while you’re there, and you’ll surely have a wonderful time!


This might seem like a surprising destination at first, but Malta will give you everything you’re going to need on your honeymoon. It’s a rather secluded place that isn’t popular with all tourists, which means you’re going to have all the privacy you’re looking for. All newlyweds are going to appreciate that, especially when we’re talking about LGBTQ couples who like to keep things simple and easy.

On the other hand, Malta is famous for its amazing scenery and some of the best beaches in the world. You just need to spend some time looking for the most secluded spots, but once you find them, you’ll be surprised how amazing and picturesque Malta really is.


Every coastal destination in Croatia will give you a chance to feel like a member of the royal family while vacationing there, but Dubrovnik is the prime jewel in this offer. This amazing place has been around for centuries and has always attracted people from all over the world, giving them precisely what they need – even if they don’t know what exactly they’re looking for!

For example, spending your time in the open sea might not seem like the best way to spend your honeymoon, but it’s an exciting idea you simply have to explore. If you like it, you could even think about researching those powerful motor yachts for sale that will take you wherever you need to go and make sure you’re safe and protected at all times!

New York 

This is one of the most exciting places in the entire world, and we all deserve to visit New York at least once in our lives. But, if you’re looking for the best LGBTQ honeymoon destinations out there, you need to keep in mind that New York is better than it sounds.

With so many things to do here, you won’t have a problem finding ways to spend your time. From taking a walk in the park to visiting Broadway – literally whatever you do in New York will be memorable and epic. So, start planning and saving money for your unique NYC honeymoon you’re never going to forget!


Here’s another great place to visit, and you’ll be amazed to notice how welcoming and LGBTQ-friendly people in Sydney are. They’ll be happy you’ve chosen their city for your honeymoon and won’t have a problem helping you around and making sure you’re having a great time – and that’s something all newlyweds are going to appreciate!

People who have already visited Sydney claim it’s the perfect honeymoon destination for everyone who’s looking to have a great time and enjoy their trip. There are lots of reasons why that’s the case – wonderful scenery, thrilling attractions, and cool activities – so don’t hesitate any longer and start planning an Aussie honeymoon right now!

Planning an LGBTQ honeymoon is never easy, but if you start on time and respect your spouse’s wishes as well, you’ll surely have a great honeymoon after all!

LGBT Guide: How to Travel Safely in 2020

Visibility and acceptance of the LGBT people grows every day, so travelers have a wider range of options when it comes to exploring the world. Still, being a gay traveler has its dangers, especially if you choose to travel freely out of the closet. Additionally, 2020 surprised us all and made our travel plans even more complicated. All in all, if you’re planning a trip this year and want to ensure you’re safe on all fronts, here’s what to pay attention to. 

See your doctor

Before you even start planning your trip, make sure to see your doctor (about 6 weeks before your trip). Aside from confirming that you’re healthy enough to travel, this will ensure you receive all necessary vaccinations and refill your prescriptions. It’s also a great idea to ask your health practitioner for hygiene trips and the best ways to avoid COVID-19. Just be ready to stock up on masks, wet wipes and hand sanitizer. 

Grab a local SIM card

Sure, you might want to have a small digital detox while on vacation, but staying connected is very important for your personal safety. Once you get to your destination, grab a local SIM card so you can freely use travel apps, contact your family, update your itinerary and call emergency services. It can also be useful for checking articles on your destination’s  LGBT-friendliness

Get good insurance

Having good travel insurance is the key to a safe trip. No matter what befalls you—a sprained ankle, stolen possessions or a canceled flight, you will be protected by your travel insurance so you can sleep peacefully. Additionally, if you’re planning a road trip for your next travel adventure, don’t forget to check a few attractive insurance offers that include vehicles. Keeping your car insured will help you stay safe on the road, especially if you grab a deal that includes roadside assistance. Don’t even start your road trip without having a plan on what to do in case your car refuses to cooperate. 

Get an Uber

If you’re not taking your own car, you’ll probably need to catch some sort of transportation, usually a taxi. However, make sure to always choose a licensed taxi, especially at airports since they are notorious for taking advantage of tourists. For instance, an illegal taxi driver might deliberately deceive you and take you somewhere else if you’re not careful. One of the best ways to remove a lot of stress out of your trip is to download Uber where everything is done via an app, from taking care of payments to checking out the route. Also, the fair is calculated per distance, so you’ll always get a good price. 

Download Google Maps

Another great app that can ensure you’re safe while traveling is Google Maps. It’s one of the best ways to ensure you get from point A to point B safely and efficiently. You can use it to calculate the distance between places, help you plan your trip better, find the nearest bank, ATM, supermarket and such. Also, it contains a lot of useful public transport information that will ensure you take the right route and stay safe. 

Don’t flaunt what you have

If you love your lux Rolex or your diamond engagement rings, it’s best to leave them safely locked away in your hotel room. Having valuables with you will not only boost the chance of getting them accidentally lost, but also make you a target for muggers. 

Prepare for safe sex

You’re probably going to have a lot of sexy fun on your vacation, so make sure to bring plenty of protection. Depending on where you’re going, you might find it hard to acquire condoms or lube, especially the quality kind, so come prepared.

Avoid excess alcohol and drug use

When you’re away from home on your fun vacation, you might be more inclined to drink or take drugs. While there’s nothing wrong with going a little wild in coffeeshops in Amsterdam or ordering special 2for1 deals in Sydney, you need to understand how these substances will affect your body and your mind. Also, when heading out, always stay with a trusted travel buddy so you can keep each other safe. Plus, partying with a friend or SO is always more fun! 

If you plan your trip well and follow these safety tips, every LGBT traveler can have a blast and come back home full of nothing but positive vibes and good memories. 

Improving Your Diet on Vacation

Are you tired of COVID-19 and quarantine and just want to take a fun and relaxing vacation? Don’t worry, going away for a while doesn’t mean you’ll ruin your hard work when it comes to dieting and exercise. While it might be tricky, you can stay on your healthy eating and workout habits. Here are some tricks that will help you improve your diet on vacation. 

Stick to your exercise regime

Set a goal when it comes to running, lifting or doing HIIT and stick to it. Don’t go overboard (you need to have enough energy to enjoy your vacation) and aim for two or three workouts per week. If you need help with staying accountable, track your vacation workouts and post on social media. You can’t lift or run? Walking is a great vacation activity, so try to do all your exploring on foot. To make it fun, track your daily steps and see how much you walked when you come home. 

Use the kitchen

If you have a room with a kitchen, stock up on your favorite healthy food options and try cooking at least once a day. This trick will save you money and allow you to control your calorie intake. When cooking, try to experiment with healthy recipes with your travel buddies and prepare something local and full of nutrients. It’s a great way to experience your destination and fill your plate with healthy and filling foods. 

Focus on protein

If you’re looking for a way to fill up your stomach, stay away from heavy carbs and opt for protein instead. These macromolecules are great energy sources that also build and repair muscles, so they are essential for fitness. If you can’t find the time to eat a lot of protein, you can pack your favorite protein powder. Pick out the best whey protein for daily protein intake necessary for building, rebuilding and maintaining lean muscle. These protein powders produce delicious drinks that will also satisfy your sweet tooth so it’s a win-win situation. 

Eat more fruits and veggies

Adding veggies and fruits to your vacation meals is easy. You can introduce them to your snacks, put them in your morning sandwich or omelet or choose a healthy smoothie. When hitting the beach, pack an assortment of fruits and veggies to have as a healthy and delicious snack. 

Fill up on water

You might be indulging in a little bit more alcohol when on vacation and that’s totally understandable. However, all alcoholic drinks, especially cocktails, have high-calorie content, so make sure to limit your intake if you want to stay healthy. Alcohol even triggers some people to eat more and make bad food choices! So, strive to drink more water, especially if you spend a lot of time in the sun, and use alcohol as a treat. 

Set limits

While you want to enjoy your vacation and all the amazing foods you can find at your destination, try to resist some things and set reasonable limits. For instance, set a limit of one restaurant meal a day, two ice creams per week and one fast-food cheat meal per vacation. When eating out, examine the menu and decide between a dessert and cocktails. 

Use a food tracker

This can be a great way to stay accountable and conscious of your vacation eating habits. Letting go of your food journal completely is a slippery slope and going back to your regular eating habits when you come back might be extra hard. So, don’t hesitate to track your food—even partial food tracking will allow you to maintain your weight and form. For instance, you can just track your water intake, your workouts or your dinner. 

Sleep in

Sleep is very important for fitness, just as much as diet and exercise. Researchers realized that sleep deprivation makes the brain more sensitive to taste and the pleasure food brings which can lead to cravings and binge eating. So, unless you want to stop for ice cream at every parlor you pass, make sure to get a good eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep is also great for muscle recovery, so your workouts will be more powerful and effective. 

You don’t have to come back from your vacation with extra weight and muscle loss. These diet and workout tips will help you stay on track with your fitness schedule while you enjoy your time off. 

Best Tips for an LGBT Road Trip

Going on a road trip is one of the most adventurous things in the world, especially if you’re doing it with your close friends. Still, getting in a car and hitting the road is simply impossible to do unless you plan everything first. Investing your time and energy into details such as your destination, accommodation, food, budget, and activities might take a while, but this is ultimately going to take your road trip from average to amazing. If you too are planning a road trip adventure as well, here are a few gay-friendly road trip tips that might end up going a really long way.

Choose your destination

This is probably the most important decision you’re going to make during this entire process, but there’s a problem when you’re choosing a destination for an LGBT road trip – not all destinations are as LGBT-friendly as you may expect. Even though we’re living in the 21st century and consider people to act friendly towards tourists, you’d be surprised to hear about the problems LGBT tourists are facing when they’re on vacation.

Therefore, picking a destination is something you need to do very carefully. Take your time, look into some of the most LGBT-friendly places in the world, and pick a spot where you’ll feel welcomed, safe, and good. Also, be sure to talk to your travel companions and hear them out – they might recommend a destination you didn’t think of or vice versa, so take their wishes into consideration too.

Pick your companions

Speaking of your travel companions, this is another issue you need to address carefully. While most people think that who you’re traveling with isn’t as important as where you’re going, that’s actually not the case. Just imagine being stuck in a car with three or four people you hate for a week or two – yes, not going in the first place is much better than that!

Your companions should be the people you know for a while and who you’re comfortable around. These people will share every waking moment of your time with you, so you need to feel relaxed enough to behave naturally instead of having to pretend you’re someone else. It’s not about your sex or sexuality – after all, your companions don’t necessarily have to belong to the LGBT community at all – but about spending time with someone you generally love spending time with.

Fix your car

Just because you’re going on a road trip doesn’t mean you should be left stranded in the middle of the road. Still, this definitely happens more often than you can imagine, and it will certainly happen to you as well unless you’re traveling in a car that’s properly maintained and ready for such a journey. Doing these things isn’t easy, but it’s just something you have to do if you want to be able to get home from your road trip.

Maintaining your car regularly means checking the engine, inspecting the fluids, changing the oil, and replacing the tyres. The latter might easily be the most important thing of them all, so looking into those reliable 4wd tyres could end up saving your life. Having the wrong tyres might ruin your trip quite easily, so replacing them before hitting the road is definitely a great idea. 

Pack your essentials

One of the benefits of traveling by car is being able to bring as much luggage with you as you want. Unlike airplanes, cars give you an option to pack literally all your essentials, so make sure you’ve packed everything you’re going to need on your road trip. This might not be easy, but dedicating some time to this issue is way better than realizing you don’t have some of your stuff while you’re in the middle of nowhere.

Packing for your perfect LGBT summer road trip means packing a number of crucial items – from your documents and your clothes to your formal wear and your skin products. In the end, you need to pack your less formal clothes as well – after all, finding a lover is just the thing all single young people are hoping for on their road trip.

Going on a road trip is always fun and exciting, but if you’re going on an LGBT road trip this summer, you can be sure you’re going to have the time of your life! Being surrounded by others who are just as fun and wild and free as yourself will make this road trip an occasion you’re going to remember forever.

How to Plan a Perfect Summer Adventure

Planning a trip is one of those things that we all enjoy, but it can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re planning a trip with someone and you cannot come to an agreement. To make matters worse, 2020 has got us by the neck, so we cannot really go for just any type of trip. Regardless, this is the time to start thinking about summer, for two reasons. One – it will be useful to know where you will spend your summer days and two – it seems that more than half the year has passed without us doing anything worth remembering. So, it’s our job to make the most out of this summer. In order to have the best trip, you don’t have to go big or break the bank. There are so many different options that you can go with, so take a look at a couple of our ideas:

Travel locally

They say that the grass is always greener on the other side, which is very visible in the industry of travel. All of us, you and I included, love to go someplace abroad, discovering a new LGBT-friendly destination, forgetting that we have so many beautiful places in our own country. So this summer might be the one for you to travel locally and explore amazing and not so distant places. Being a tourist in your own country might just be what you need, so use this opportunity to do it in 2020, because – if not now, then when?

Embrace nature

Another way to play this summer trip game is to not spend it on a beach, but rather in nature. Summer is not for sea only; you can also have a memorable and relaxing time generally in nature. Try to find different camps, cottages, mountains or even national parks where you will spend a couple of days during the summer. Yes, this type of holiday might be completely different than the summer holidays you’re used to, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it out. Make sure to have high-quality equipment, which means that you can always go with Tekto Gear, bring some warm clothes and your camera because you will need it. Spending your summer in nature is an entirely different experience that you should try out.

Why not a road trip?

Then again, why not organize a good road trip? Road trips are always very popular, but this year it seems that they will be more popular than ever. If you want to, you can even travel to a different country, rent a car, or simply take your car and just drive. You need to worry about several things when it comes to a road trip, so it would be very good if you planned everything in advance – the stops, the number of days you will be spending there, check the weather. Make sure to know what to pack, as packing for a trip is never an easy endeavor.

No matter where you go – choose authentic

If 2020 taught us something, it’s that we can never be sure what life has in store for us. Because of that particular fact, it is our job to enjoy our trips as much as possible and try to understand life on Earth as much as we can. That is precisely why authentic trips will be huge this, and in the years to come. See what other cultures are doing, try to understand how different people live by emerging into their world. You do not have to go to Asia or Africa to do this – there are people living a very different life in your vicinity. Visit cottages and live in the woods for seven days. Try to see what life on a farm feels like for a week. All of these things will not only bring you relaxation and distance you from your daily hustle and bustle, but they will also provide you with a new experience that you will definitely remember in years to come.

2020 might not have been the best year so far, and that’s why we need to redeem it with a powerful summer. Your summer trip must be unique and unforgettable – that should be your goal. 

10 Summer Activities for Gay Couples

It is always difficult to find new activities that will not bore you immediately. Because of that, it is always a good idea to think of new things that you will do with your partner, as you really do not want to end up in a rut and live the same day over and over again. Some interesting and new activities require traveling, others not, but we present you 10 summer activities that you can do with your boyfriend, and that both of you will like:

1. Surfing’s always fun

One of the most original things that you can do with your partner is surfing. This is not an activity that is popular in every country in the world but it is definitely an activity that plenty of people would like to try out. Even if they are clumsy, they love seeing other guys getting their surf equipment on and showing what they have. So, get your tickets, fly somewhere where surfing’s always cool such as Australia, and hit the beach!

2. Why not try hunting?

Hunting is somewhat a taboo topic right now because some people oppose it on moral or other grounds. However, you can easily live out a fantasy of being a hunter even without harming any animals. If that sounds appealing, then you can always check out TheBowGuy, pick the equipment that you need and hit the road. Of course, just put on your equipment and get in tune with your inner hunter by shooting archery targets.

3. Skydiving for the brave

5% of people all around the world are scared of heights, which means that this 5% of people will definitely not take this suggestion into consideration. However, if you are among the other 95%, then skydiving should be one of the top things to try out. This is not something that you will be trying out more than once, so it would be really magical if you did this with your partner for the first time.

4. Bungee jumping’s also an option

Even though skydiving is booked for the brave, if you’re not scared of heights but still do not want to jump out of a plane, you can try bungee jumping with your partner. If you choose a great destination (one that is not only popular for bungee jumping, but rather for both bungee jumping and its beauty), why not try it out? This is also an activity that can be paired with a trip as there are amazing bungee jumping destinations all over the world. Imagine jumping from the Navajo Bridge in Arizona!

5. Time travel

We still haven’t invented time travel (or we have but we don’t know about it, perhaps Keanu Reeves knows?) but time traveling is one of the options that sound very interesting. Even though it is physically impossible to time travel, you can always opt to go to a cafe or a place that is rather retro. For the full experience, dress appropriately and behave in the manner people behaved back then. If you want to travel physically but also in time, take a look at the following tip.

6. San Francisco realness

Traveling to San Francisco perhaps equals time travel, but in gay language. This city has been the cradle of gay culture as we know it today, and being such, it is a place where every single gay bar is important for some reason. Opting to go on a gay and cultural trip and actually seeing how the LGBTQ rights came to be is an amazing and a very adventurous idea.

7. Opt for gay dance parties

There is nothing more adventurous than sitting in your car or buying a plane ticket and heading to some of the best gay parties in the world. Of course, you will be able to find these on every single continent, you just need to do a bit of research. So, find the one that is closest to you, and go there to party the whole night away with your loved one.

8. Organize a picnic

If nothing else, we can find beautiful landscapes anywhere we turn. Just take a look outside of the city and you will find dozens of pretty villages, forests, river banks and other places where you can host the most romantic picnic ever. See the sunset and then start your car and head home. It is a day well-spent in nature, so it’s not only romantic, it’s healthy as well! You can also complete your picnic with a game of cards. The classic Solitaire FreeCell will fit perfectly into your leisure time. 

9. Catch an open-air cinema

If you want to be old-school, put on your roller skates (just to be in the ‘80s fashion) and find an open-air cinema where you can go to. If you can find a drive-in cinema, even better. These are not only good because you get to watch a movie in a new and unusual way under the stars, but it’s also great because it can be rather private as there’s only to be two of you in the car.

10. Treasure hunt

This might not be the most “adventurous” activity of them all, but it’s one that is going to boggle your mind and infuse it with mystery! Treasure hunts and similar room escape games (there are some that are organized in open space) are not only interesting, but can also serve as great team-building activities. You can take another couple or your best friends and make a team! The choice is yours.

There are so many different activities that you can opt for only if you open your mind just a bit. The final piece of advice – do something that you will never do again! Try something for the first time with your partner, and make your relationship even stronger!

Information about COVID-19

Dear ebab friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic affects a large part of the population worldwide. We as a company but also our thousands of ebab hosts who are renting their private accommodations to our guests are affected too.

The entire ebab team works with passion in their home offices #WFH to offer the usual service for our guests and our hosts. However, we also ask for your understanding that in times of daily new requirements, sometimes in some cases, it may take some time to technically implement them.

We all together, guests, hosts, and the ebab team can help to get through these difficult times as best as possible. Below you will find some further information we would like to provide to you.

The entire ebab team wishes you a good time and looks forward to welcoming you back to ebab.com.

Stay healthy!

Your ebab team


Health comes first.  For this reason, travel restrictions apply almost worldwide.

What if I have to cancel a booking because of COVID-19?

In general, ebab already offers very moderate cancellation conditions for the guests. There is no cancellation charge for cancellations up to eight days before the arrival date. For cancellations made less than eight days before the arrival date, a cancellation fee of one night applies. We collect the cancelation fee for the hosts. It helps them get through the COVID-19 crisis.

Due to the current situation and tightened travel restrictions, short-term cancellations can also be made free of charge. This applies to cancellations made since March 17th, 2020.  For free cancellation, the cancellation must be carried out in the ebab account as usual. Please then reply to our cancellation confirmation with the request to convert the paid cancellation into a free cancellation.

As an alternative to cancellation, bookings can also be postponed to a new date. See the next point.

Can I change my booking to a new date?

Yes, you can. If the guest and the host agree on a different date for the overnight stay, the booking can be easily adapted to the new date by an ebab employee.

To do this, however, we must receive confirmation of the new date by email from the host as well as from the guest.

When should I book stays again?

No one can yet seriously estimate when the situation will relax again and a journey is again possible without restrictions. This also depends on the developments in the pandemic in the individual countries.

If you still want to plan your next trip, you can do it now at ebab.  According to our cancellation policy, every stay can be canceled free of charge up to eight days before arrival.  Besides, no deposit is due when booking.

However, to protect our hosts, we ask that you carefully consider every booking request in order not to unnecessarily block the accommodation for other travelers and help the hosts to plan.

Informationen zu COVID-19

Liebe ebab Freunde,

die COVID-19 Pandemie betrifft weltweit einen Großteil der Bevölkerung. Auch sind nahezu alle Branchen und Unternehmen in irgendeiner Weise betroffen. So auch wir von ebab. Aber nicht nur wir als Unternehmen, sondern insbesondere unsere tausenden privaten Gastgeber spüren derzeit die Auswirkungen der im Kampf gegen die Pandemie einhergehenden Maßnahmen.

Unser Team arbeitet mit Herzblut aus dem Home-Office daran, für unsere Gäste und unsere Gastgeber den gewohnten Service zu bieten. Wir bitten aber auch um Verständnis, das in Zeiten teilweise täglich neuer Anforderungen, es im Einzelfall auch etwas Zeit braucht, diese technisch umzusetzen.

Wir alle zusammen, Gäste, Gastgeber sowie das ebab Team können dazu beitragen, diese schwierigen Zeiten bestmöglich zu überstehen. Im unteren Teil findet ihr einige nützliche Hinweise, die wir für euch aufbereitet haben.

Das gesamte ebab Team wünscht euch eine gute Zeit und freut sich darauf, euch gesund wieder bei auf ebab.com begrüßen zu dürfen.

Euer ebab-Team


Die Gesundheit steht an oberster Stelle. Aus diesem Grund gelten nahezu weltweit Reisebeschränkungen und teilweise auch Ausgangsbe-schränkungen.

Reisebeschränkungen für Deutschland.

(Hinweise für Gäste und Gastgeber)

Da in Deutschland jedes Bundesland individuell und eigenverantwortlich über Reisebeschränkungen entscheidet, gibt es aktuell (Stand 25.05.2020) keine bundesweit einheitliche Regelung über touristisches Reisen. Eine Übersicht über die einzelnen Länderverordnungen bietet der Deutsche Tourismusverband unter folgendem Link: https://www.deutschertourismusverband.de/service/coronavirus/uebersicht-zu-behoerdlichen-massnahmen.html

Was ist, wenn ich wegen COVID-19 eine Buchung stornieren muss?

Generell bietet ebab schon sehr gastfreundliche Stornierungsbedingungen an. Bei Stornierungen bis zu acht Tagen vor dem Anreisedatum fällt keine Stornierungsgebühr an. Für Stornierungen unter acht Tagen vor Anreisedatum fällt grundsätzlich eine Stornierungsgebühr in Höhe einer Nacht an. Diese Gebühr kommt den Gastgebern zu Gute und hilft diesen dabei durch die COVID-19 Kriese zu kommen.

Durch die aktuellen und verschärften Reisebeschränkungen, können auch kurzfriste Stornierungen kostenfrei erfolgen. Das gilt für Stornierungen seit dem 17.03.2020. Für eine kostenfreie Stornierung muss zuerst wie gewohnt die Stornierung (kostenpflichtig) im ebab Konto durchgeführt werden. Im Anschluss kann auf die Stornierungsbestätigung mit der Bitte um Umwandlung der kostenpflichtigen in eine kostenfreie Stornierung geantwortet werden.

Alternativ zur Stornierung können Übernachtungen auch auf ein neues Datum umgebucht werden. Siehe hierzu den nächsten Punkt.

Kann ich eine gebuchte Übernachtung auch umbuchen?

Wenn sich der Gast und der Gastgeber auf ein anderes Datum für die Übernachtung einigen, kann die Buchung problemlos von einem ebab Mitarbeiter auf das neue Datum angepasst werden.

Hierzu ist es aber zwingend erforderlich, dass uns sowohl eine Bestätigung per E-Mail des Gastgebers als auch des Gastes über die Verschiebung vorliegt.

Wie lange soll ich warten, um wieder Übernachtungen zu buchen?

Seriös kann derzeit noch niemand abschätzen, wann sich die Lage wieder entspannt und eine Reise wieder uneingeschränkt möglich ist. Das ist auch stark von den Entwicklungen der Pandemie in den einzelnen Ländern abhängig.

Wer dennoch seine nächste Reise schon einmal planen möchte, kann das auch schon jetzt bei ebab tun. Nach unseren Stornierungsbedingungen kann jede Übernachtung bis zu acht Tagen vor der Anreise kostenfrei storniert werden. Zudem wir keine Anzahlung bei der Buchung fällig.

Zum Schutz unserer Gastgeber bitten wir dennoch sich jede Buchungsanfrage vorher gut zu überlegen um die Unterkunft nicht unnötig für andere Reisende zu blockieren und die Planungssicherheit für unsere Gastgeber zu erhöhen.

Deutschlands queerster Friedhof

Die Sonne scheint, einige Besucher bummeln schweigend zwischen den Grabreihen entlang. Die Gärtner tragen abgeschnittene Zweige zusammen, ein Mann sitzt auf einer der Parkbänke und liest ein Buch. Der Alte St. Matthäus Kirchhof scheint ein Friedhof zu sein wie viele andere. Am Eingang des Friedhofs wiegen sich Palmen sanft im Wind … Palmen?

Der Friedhof im Herzen von Schöneberg ist die letzte Ruhestätte der Märchenbrüder Jakob und Wilhelm Grimm; dem Hitler-Attentäter Graf von Stauffenberg zu Ehren wurde hier ein Denkmal errichtet. In den letzten Jahrzehnten erlangte der Alte St. Matthäus Kirchhof jedoch Berühmtheit wegen etwas anderem: Er gilt als inoffizieller „Schwulenfriedhof“ Deutschlands. Zahlreiche prominente AIDS- und Schwulenaktivisten fanden hier ihre letzte Ruhe.


Ein Hauch Extravaganz

Hinter den sich wiegenden Palmen versteckt sich ein kleines Café, das finovo. Es gilt als Deutschlands erstes Friedhofscafé – sein Name bedeutet „Ende & Anfang“. Bunt zusammengewürfelt stehen Stühle auf der kleinen Terrasse, ein Plastikkronleuchter hängt vom Gestänge des Sonnenschirms. Schräg neben dem Eingang zieht eine mit glitzernder Deko behangene Büste die Blicke auf sich.

Bernd Boßmann eröffnete das Café im September 2006. Sein Künstlername: Ichgola Androgyn. Der Schauspieler und Schwulenaktivist spielte unter anderem in vielen Filmen Rosa von Praunheims. In den 1980er und 1990er Jahren sammelte er gemeinsam mit anderen Künstlern Geld für AIDS-Hilfe-Projekte. Unter den Künstlern war Ovo Maltine – auch ihre letzte Ruhestätte befindet sich auf dem Friedhof.

„Garten der Sterne – Die Märchenhafte Geschichte eines queeren Berliner Friedhofs“ verkündet ein Schild vor dem Café. Es bewirbt die gleichnamige Dokumentation aus dem Jahre 2017, die von Boßmann und dem Friedhof handelt. Der „Garten der Sterne“ ist eine Abteilung des Friedhofes, in der Familien Abschied nehmen können von still- oder totgeborenen Kindern. Es ist Boßmanns Herzensprojekt – initiiert von ihm und dem Verein Efeu, der sich um die Instandhaltung des Friedhofs kümmert.

Der Spaziergang über den Friedhof lohnt. Neben vielen Grabstätten bekannter Schwulenaktivisten und Ikonen, von denen wir einige für euch aufgeführt haben, befindet sich hier auch das Denkmal des Vereins „Denk mal positHIV“ für alle, die an den Folgen von AIDS starben. Der Gang über den Friedhof ist eine gute Gelegenheit, sich mit der queeren Vergangenheit Berlins auseinanderzusetzen. Anschließend empfiehlt sich ein Besuch im finovo, denn Boßmann hat weitere interessante Geschichten auf Lager – und leckeren Kaffee.

Rio Reiser

„Ich hab so viele Leben wie Sterne am Himmel stehen“, sang Rio Reiser einst – der Frontmann der Kultband „Ton Steine Scherben“ starb 1996, sein Grab zog 2011 um. Nun befindet es sich auf dem inoffiziell schwulsten Friedhof Deutschlands, dem St. Matthäus Kirchhof in Schöneberg.

Manfred Salzgeber

Sein Leben stand ganz im Zeichen des Films – Der deutsche Schauspieler und Filmemacher wurde von Rosa von Praunheim entdeckt, spielte 1970 in dessen Film „Nicht der Homosexuelle ist pervers, sondern die Zeit, in der er lebt“. Nicht zuletzt damit wurde Salzgeber zu einer der Schlüsselfiguren der deutschen Homosexuellenbewegung.
1985 gründete er den Filmverleih „edition salzgeber“, der sich der Veröffentlichung von Filmen bis dato unbekannterer Regisseure widmete. Der Schwerpunkt lag damals auf der AIDS-Thematik, da sich an diese Filme kein anderer Verleih heranwagte.
Gemeinsam mit seinem Assistenten schuf Manfred Salzgeber 1987 den „Teddy Award“ – hiermit werden auf der Berlinale bis heute schwul-lesbische Filme ausgezeichnet.

Napoleon Seyfarth

Der Schriftsteller und Kolumnist provozierte gern – mit seiner Offenheit zu sexuellen Themen oder mit makabren Inszenierungen. Der HIV-positive Künstler stellte beispielsweise in seiner Wohnung den Sarg zur Schau, in dem er später beerdigt werden wollte: bunt lackiert, mit Zeichnungen von Engeln und Schweinen bemalt. Desöfteren fand der Sarg auch Funktion als Sektkühler.
Seyfarths 1991 erschienener autobiographischer Roman „Schweine müssen nackt sein. Ein Leben mit dem Tod“ war eines der ersten deutschen Werke zum Thema AIDS. Nachdem Seyfarth am 2. Dezember 2000 starb, wurde auch er auf dem St.Matthäus Kirchhof in Schöneberg beerdigt.

Charlotte Wolff

Auch auf dem Kirchhof zu finden ist der Gedenkstein für die jüdische Ärztin, Sexualwissenschaftlerin und Schriftstellerin Charlotte Wolff. Sie veröffentlichte in den 70ern wichtige Werke zur weiblichen Homosexualität und brachte damit die Lesbenbewegung weit voran.

Ovo Maltine

Ovo Maltine, die mit bürgerlichem Namen Christoph Josten hieß, war eine deutsche Travestiekünstlerin, die besonders im Bereich des Polit-Kabaretts tätig war. Auch als AIDS-Aktivist und Mitglied der Schwestern der Perpetuellen Indulgenz war sie bekannt; darüber hinaus wirkte sie an diversen Filmen Rosa von Praunheims mit. Ovo Maltine starb 2005 an den Folgen einer HIV-Infektion.


Sichtbarkeit über den Tod hinaus



Bei einem Spaziergang über den Friedhof findet man oft schwule Symbolik auf den Grabstätten – wie auf dem Grabstein von Napoleon Seyfarth und … Sichtbarkeit über den Tod hinaus – das ist auch ein Anliegen der Sappho-Frauenwohnstiftung. Sie eröffneten 2014 den ersten offiziellen Lesbenfriedhof Deutschlands. Das Areal liegt auf dem Georgen-Parochial-Friedhof I im Prenzlauer Berg. Laut Verein ist er ein Statement gegen die weitgehende Unsichtbarkeit weiblicher Homosexualität. Auch andere Friedhöfe in Berlin bieten Grabstätten schwuler und queerer Ikonen. Wir haben eine kleine Auflistung vorgenommen – natürlich gibt es noch mehr zu entdecken.


Hildegard Knef

Waldfriedhof Zehlendorf

Die deutsche Schauspielerin und Chansonsängerin gilt auch nach ihren Lebzeiten noch als Ikone der Schwulenbewegung. Auf die Nachfrage, warum sie von der Schwulenszene so verehrt würde, erklärte sie 1975: „Vielleicht, weil ich sehr liberal bin. Und weil das wirklich ein ehrliches Gefühl ist und kein aufgesetztes.“


Marlene Dietrich

III. Städtischer Friedhof Stubenrauchstraße

„La Dietrich“ ist nicht nur eine Ikone der Schwulenbewegung- Durch ihre rauchige Stimme, ihr androgynes Erscheinungsbild und das Spiel mit Stereotypen revolutionierte die deutsche Schauspielerin Geschlechterrollen und Modewelt gleichermaßen. In ihrem ersten Hollywoodfilm „Marokko“ küsste Marlene Dietrich 1930 eine andere Frau – in einen Smoking gehüllt, ihr späteres Markenzeichen. Ihr Grab auf dem Friedhof an der Stubenrauchstraße gehört zu den Ehrengräbern der Stadt Berlin.


Heinrich von Kleist

Am kleinen Wannsee

„Ich heirate niemals, sei du die Frau mir, die Kinder, und die Enkel!“, schrieb Heinrich von Kleist 1803 an den preußischen General Ernst von Pfuel.
Von dem Hügelgrab aus überblickt man den kleinen Wannsee. Das Grab liegt nicht auf einem Friedhof – das war damals nicht erlaubt. Denn hier starben Heinrich von Kleist und seine enge Freundin 1811 durch Suizid. Heinrich von Kleist war ein zu seiner Zeit verkanntes Genie der deutschen Literatur, seiner Epoche weit voraus. Auch Goethe nahm ihn nicht ernst, obwohl Kleist es sich so wünschte. Erst Jahrzehnte nach seinem Tod wurden seine Werke wiederentdeckt und zu Klassikern der Weltliteratur.
Zu wenig aus seinem Leben wurde überliefert, so konnte seine Sexualität nie einwandfrei geklärt werden – der Schmerz darüber, nicht dazuzugehören und anders zu sein, zieht sich jedoch wie ein roter Faden durch sein Werk.

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf

Evangelischer Waldkirchhof Mahlsdorf

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf galt zeitlebens als berühmteste Transperson Deutschlands. Die Trödelhändlerin und -sammlerin eröffnete 1960 das Berliner „Gründerzeitmuseum“ im Gutshaus Mahlsdorf, das sie damit vor dem Abriss rettete. Durch ihr Wirken entstand in dem noch heute existierenden Museum eine der bedeutendsten Sammlungen von Gegenständen aus der Gründerzeit.
1963 rettete sie die „Mulackritze“, die letzte komplett erhaltene Berliner Kneipe aus dem Scheunenviertel – und richtete sie im Keller der Museums wieder ein. Daraus entstand ein Treffpunkt der Homosexuellen Interessengemeinschaft Berlins (HIB).
Der Filmemacher Rosa von Praunheim verfilmte 1992 die Biografie Charlotte von Mahlsdorfs in dem Film „Ich bin meine eigene Frau“. Gespielt wurde sie in dem Film von niemand anderem als Bernd Boßmann.
In Gedenken an Charlotte von Mahlsdorf, ihre Arbeit an dem Museum und ihren öffentlichen Kampf für die Rechte von LGBT wurde ein Gedenkstein auf dem Gelände des Gründerzeitmuseums eingeweiht.

David Bowie

Hauptstraße 155, Schöneberg

Gut, streng genommen ist die Gedenktafel kein Grab – David Bowie darf in dieser Auflistung jedoch auf keinen Fall fehlen. Er lebte in der Stadt und drückte ihr seinen Stempel auf – und Berlin ihm den ihrigen. Ende der 1970er Jahre lebte und schrieb der androgyne Popstar hier seine drei Alben „Low“, „Heroes“ und „Lodger“, die als „Berliner Trilogie“ bekanntwurden. Hartnäckig hält sich auch das Gerücht über seine Liebesaffäre mit Rockstar Iggy Pop: die beiden waren in Berlin Mitbewohner. Auf seinem 24. Studioalbum aus dem Jahre 2013 erinnert die erste Single „Where Are We Now?“ an seine Zeit in der Hauptstraße 155 in Schöneberg – hier findet sich auch die Gedenktafel.


5 Honeymoon Packing Mistakes no LGBT Couple Should Make

Packing is always a daunting process. Even though it is regarded as fun as you are packing for a nice trip that you probably cannot wait for, there is that thing about packing that makes us just a bit nervous. This is especially important if we tend to forget things at home or make packing mistakes that we realize once we arrive at a certain destination. When it comes to honeymoon packing, though, we have to bring our best game. This trip is probably one of the most important trips that we will ever make, so in order not to forget anything and make the most out of this trip, you need to have a certain checklist that you will make several days (or even weeks) before your trip. Take a look at the five biggest honeymoon (packing) mistakes that LGBT couples make, so that you don’t:

Finding a bad destination

This might not have anything to do with packing whatsoever, but it is definitely one of the biggest LGBT honeymoon mistakes there are. LGBT couples can travel most of the world, yes, but they can certainly find themselves in a country that is not entirely LGBT-friendly. For example, if you want to celebrate your LGBT honeymoon and you want to do it with style, make sure to stay away from countries such as Russia (which banned Pride Parade for the next 100 years and where violence towards homosexuals is not frowned upon), or certain African countries such as Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda or Ghana. You can travel there if you want to, of course, but you will have to go back in the closet for the duration of your honeymoon, which might not be exactly what you want out of this trip. This is why you should always go for safe options, such as Sydney, for example, which is a great LGBT honeymoon destination, Europe or New York City.

Not packing all the queer essentials

However, if you opt for a good destination, then you might want to pack all the queerest things that you want. Since you are married, you will probably want to leave your latex pants at home (unless that is what you and your spouse really want). But, one of the most common essentials for queer people that is slowly and slowly becoming a bigger part of their routine is the makeup. This, however, does not only include the foundation or the concealer that many use, but mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner, or any other products that many LGBT people use nowadays. For each of these, you probably have your favorite brand, and it might be a bit difficult or perhaps even expensive to buy at your new location. Opting to buy mascara online or finding an eyeliner that is very similar to the one that you use and having it delivered to your hotel is a great ideal. This is how you will save time on going shopping and you will get everything that you need. And we all know how good-looking we want to be on our honeymoon.

Forgetting the documents

This is not only important for the LGBT honeymoons, but for all of them – and it is so important that we simply have to include it in this list. You cannot forget important documents such as the passports, the IDs, the accommodation confirmation and the plane tickets. These are the documents that you should prepare beforehand – put them on your desk or your table just to make sure you do not forget them. Also, do not forget to bring your money and your card.

Not planning the activities

Even though it is your honeymoon and you will probably be doing whatever you want to do, you should have at least a plan of what you want to visit and see. The destination that you choose for your honeymoon will probably be decided for a reason, and that reason is most commonly the things that the newlywed couple wants to see there. If you want to go to a popular touristic destination such as Paris, for example, or any other major city in Europe, and you want to visit some of its most iconic landmarks and museums, you will probably have to book your tickets in advance (such as for Anne Frank’s House in Amsterdam, for instance). Do not make this mistake and plan everything in advance. It is better to be safe than sorry. This is also important so as not to forget an important piece of equipment that you might need for your destination there. 

5. Leaving the day after the wedding

Contrary to popular belief, it is not the best idea to leave for your honeymoon the day of your wedding or the day after. You will need at least several days to relax after the big celebration, and secondly – why the rush? Take your time, see how the wedding went, have those memories and experiences settle down just a bit, and then opt to travel with your spouse. This is how you will manage to enjoy both of these events – as both are equally important. Also, this might result in forgetting something very crucial.

Your honeymoon is sacred and you need to plan it very carefully if you want to experience it in the best possible way. Make a checklist and also think about the mistakes other couples made – this is how you will ensure the perfect packing. Have a great one!